Charity Island Lodge utilizes propane gas for heat, lights, refrigeration and cooking. There is an electric start generator that supplies electricity for the water pump as well as other electrical appliances. The recommended procedure is to run the generator once or twice a day to pump up the water storage system and accommodate any other electrical needs. Although the generator is fairly quiet, it can be a distraction to the serenity. A back-up generator is also on site in the event of a mechanical failure. Every effort will be made to provide renters assistance in the event of mechanical trouble with any of the systems with the understanding that travel can take several hours in a “best case” scenario.

Charity Island Lodge draws it’s water directly from Lake Huron. The water is treated through a health department approved, NSF Class A certified potable water system, that is triple filtered and treated by ultraviolet light to make it safe for drinking and all other uses.

TV and Phone
There is no television or VCR at Charity Lodge. Phone service is via your own cell phone. Some cell services work better than others on the Island. Please check with your cell service provider to see if you have coverage. We will make every attempt to make sure that you do have a way to contact help in the event of a problem.

Other Amenities
There is an assigned dock in the private marina for use by the occupants of the Charity Island Lodge. There is a private pavilion at the marina area for your use. A gas grill and fish cooker will also be provided at Charity Island Lodge.

Tenant’s Responsibilities
We sincerely hope that you will respect the owner’s investments as if they were your own. All trash is to be taken off from the island at the end of your stay. Dishes and utensils shall be washed and put away and floors and counters shall be cleaned.

Things you will need
All towels, bath and dish soaps, all paper products, bed linens, blankets, sleeping bags, pillows, bug sprays, garbage bags, food and drink, first aid kit

What’s provided
All dishes, flatware and cooking utensils, stove/oven, gas grill, coffee pot, hammock, gas refrigeration, gas heat and gas lights.